1905. Detroit’s notorious nightclub singer, Stella Black, battles addiction and fame in hope of keeping her illegitimate son.

Unwed mother Danika Czarnecki becomes Detroit’s most popular nightclub singer, Stella Black. Her sudden good fortune turns bad when she witnesses a murder at the club and discovers the boss has another shady business just beneath the stage.

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You’d think a kid born near Cambridge, Massachusetts, would have some preppy childhood, but mine was anything but that.


A Taste of Ragtime Music

Leah's Notes

The Stylish Morphine Kit

By the late 19th century, the addictive powers of liquid morphine and opium was common knowledge. These addicts were called “opium eaters” or “morphinists,” and the most common route among the well-to-do ladies were patent medicines. Elixirs, tonics, and oils were all available at the pharmacy, through mail order, or by some helpful individual…

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